Why you should build an office in your own home

Owning your very own home office is every man’s dream. But even though many people wish to have an office in their homes, they just don’t have the means or the will to do it.
You got to admit, working in an outside office is a lot of hassle. First, you need to wake up earlier than your supposed work time. Next, you need to move and prepare fast to be able to arrive at your office on time. Then, you got to commute or drive your way to your office which by the way is terrible if there is heavy traffic.
Not only does working in an outside office require lots of effort, your mornings will always be a hectic mess. Most of the time, you will be at your office until the end of the day. By the time you get home, you will be so tired from working all day and driving in heavy traffic that all you really want to do is sleep.
But as technology advances so does the work habits. More and more companies are now adapting flexible policies and accommodating schedules for their employees. And lots of professionals are now seeking for these types of companies and are in need of a very balanced work-life schedule.
Now, working from home is a very viable option which means you will be closer to your family and you will enjoy the luxury of your home’s comforts. You will be happy and contented in your work thus making you more productive.
But if you’re planning to work from home, a number of things should be taken into consideration:
1. Never mix your work and your personal life

Your work environment greatly affects your performance. If you just work anywhere in your home, chances are you will be getting distracted by your family most of the time. This is not a healthy attitude towards work because your performance will greatly decline.

2. You must secure your very own home office

Building your own home office is a must. A home office must be:

• A place where you can store all your work documents and papers without worrying that someone may tamper with them.

• A place of peace and quiet where you can focus all of your time and effort towards working.

• A place with enough privacy that you never have to fear about being disturbed.

So, where do you think is the perfect place to build your home office? Simple:  In your loft.

3. Have the proper lighting

We often overlook the importance of proper lighting. Do you know how terrible it is to work under a dim light? It doesn’t just hurt your eyes, it makes you sleepy. You’d have to squint at the text in your papers to see them properly. You will lose lots of your valuable time and focus. And when you’re working under a dim bulb, you don’t really notice the inconvenience until you change it to a brighter one.

For people working from home, building your very own office not only helps you get away from the distractions in your own home, it also greatly enhances your productivity.

If you are interested in building an office in your home, Fulham lofts will be pleased to assist you

Skills to Master to Become an Effective Entrepreneur

In the business industry, in order for you to compete with other businessmen out there, you need to master a number of skills to achieve success especially if you want to reach international promotions.

There are several skills you need to master; from the ability to notice new business opportunities locally and international, to be happy when you are going to take risks, be a natural promoter to being particularly proficient at cultivating networks than the rest. These are just some of the skills you need to learn, master and apply in your business venture.

As a matter of fact, there are some skills in which successful entrepreneurs demonstrate that even it has led into some debate about the issue where entrepreneurs are born or made. According to research, it can be shown to genetic tendency in which it has been clarified that it is between 30 to 40 percent that most entrepreneurs are born with these skills. What’s your take on this? Well, for me, it is a yes and a no. When you have the genes, that doesn’t mean you will become an entrepreneur and much less, a successful one. And also, when you don’t have the gene that doesn’t mean you won’t become an entrepreneur. It is all about eagerness and passion to do so. That’s why other local and international entrepreneurs of these days achieve success because they really are eager to pursue the career they want.

Are you still confused about it? Here are some basic skills that you need to learn and know and the best way you can master them:


How optimistic you are about achieving success? In that perspective, it will totally affect your ability to succeed in the world of entrepreneurship. It is possible for you to develop optimistic habit and views even if you are not naturally an optimistic person. You just need to check yourself if you are thinking negatively, then try to view the problem in a more positive way. Next, you need to surround yourself with positive crowd. It’s a healthy way to become optimistic naturally. Lastly, talk to yourself positively. One thing you can do is to be kind about yourself and believe in your own actions.


If you are confident about your decisions and the ability of others around you, then you are more likely to succeed. But if you are on the opposite side, you better start improving your positivity and improved your confidence towards your success goal. Start by being assertive when you are dealing with people and to your business. Next, change the way you think about yourself. It’s your main priority as well as changing your body language; starts making eye contact when talking to a person and smile more. And lastly, make a list of achievements you want to aim and write them all down particularly the events you have achieved. It will help boost your confidence in the most natural and healthy way.


Are you a person who has a clear vision of what you want to yourself and to your business to achieve? Does your vision drives you forward to your goal each day? Successful entrepreneurs have a strong vision for the future and a determination to improve the world through their product or innovation. Have some inspiration in stored every time. Listen to inspirational people, podcasts and even attend some seminars with lots of entrepreneurs you can mingle with. It’s one way to have a clear vision, to yourself and to your business.


In accordance with confidence, you need to be comfortable taking risks. It’s important to entrepreneurs in order for them to make decisions without having so many or any regrets afterwards. It’s true to say that you have to be relatively comfortable with risks in the first place. For you to do it properly, you need to take some inspiration from others when you are in need of confidence boost. That’s how entrepreneurs should be – to become successful, you need to be willing to take risks.


To become an effective entrepreneur, you need to have leadership skills too. Do you have what it takes to motivate people around you? Can you handle different situations with your team? They key to a successful team building is through proper communication and working positively. Of course, good communication isn’t all talking. It’s about listening to pick up clues from other people about whether what you are communicating is clear and interesting to them.

Being an entrepreneur, whether you are building your company locally or internationally, is a worthwhile passion. The more that you are willing to continue to learn throughout your entrepreneurial journey, the more likely you are to succeed in the long run. For more skills to learn and master, be sure to see our next blog issue.

Business Hiring Tips – Reasons Talk to References

When you know you have done a great job in screening applicants, interviewing several potential people to hire, negotiating and even courting your new hire for your company, there are things you need to put in consideration before doing the final part of the hiring process.


Now, you have done background check and verified employment eligibility of the applicants and you thought everything is good to go, right? Well, not so fast. You might have missed an important thing to do before you proceed to the next part. Have you talk to your new hire’s references already? Some employers tend to forget that talking to applicants or new hires’ references on his/her resume is important too. They seem to think that this is an extraneous step that doesn’t provide you with either new or valuable information.

For deeper understanding, when you hire people in both local and international companies, checking references can be a high quality tool that can help you get a good candidate on board with your team. Here are some reasons you need to know so that you will always check references and what are the right questions to ask before you are about to hire that person.

  1. Check and be confident about the decision you made.

For me, as an employer, I like to check my work before proceeding to another one which includes the hiring process. The first thing I would do after considering the applicants for the vacancy is at least call 3 people who are in his or her references and confirm if he or she has high quality background towards working. It helps me feel more confident about my decision and aside from that, I can also gather confirmation of what I am looking for. I always double check my decision and see if I have found the right one fit for the work.

  1. Get to know the work habits of the new hire.

Previously, I have hired someone who collects boy bands posters and put it her cubicle in which I find it messy and disturbing as an employer. Anyway, when you call the past employers of the new hire, you may have know some of the things he or she have done before so that you can be comfortable working with them.

  1. Get the most out of your candidate employee.

You can conduct a personality assessment to get some inside scoop about the employee but for me, I’d like to find it straight from his or her former managers when it comes to dealing with new team and working ethics. Most professional employers will be happy to help and let you know of their experiences with the employee.

  1. Everyone has stuff that they don’t do well. 

If the newly hire employee has some trouble staying focused or won’t even say a word about his or her workloads, as an employer, we need to it so that both of us can be successful and make the work done properly.

  1. If it doesn’t work, you can ask for referrals.

When you only have single open position in your company and you find that the applicants can hardly fit enough for the position, then you can ask referrals from references too. You may have found a new source for future awesome employees through them.

Talking with references has so many benefits particularly if you are an employer. It can lead you to both the success of your candidate and for you personally. Now, best wishes to all the successful employees who are about to get hired soon. Start ringing those references right away!

Shawn Linwood, Training Director

Best Ways for International Business Communication

Do you experience getting so many emails every now and then? Are you tired of receiving marketing messages from time to time? Are there any unread emails buried in your inbox for long time?

If you have felt this way before, then you are no different with your customers as well. Whatever you have experienced with your emails and how you deal with them, that’s the way your customer is doing too right now. I have experience having so many emails to read and I have emails that I haven’t read for such long time before I change my routine.

So the real question is what can you do to make your business communication rise above from the rest of the industry? Do you plan to take you marketing business communication internationally this moment? It is time to spice up your business and take it to a whole new level. All you need to remember are these simple steps:

Step 1 – Do It Like You Really Mean It

Have you experience receiving a gift from your friend or family but there was no occasion or whatever happening is? After receiving the gift you ask the person why he or she gives you a gift and he or she would reply with “no reason” at all. They just do it because they mean what they give to you. What do you feel after that? You feel pretty special, right? I know I have experienced that too. It was like you really mean something to that person in a deeper way.

That’s what you should do. It’s the idea behind doing something to your customers because they really mean a lot to you. That’s what business communication is all about especially if you want to take your business internationally. You appreciate your customers and want to show it. You can simply show it by giving treats through gifts or special discounts and even offers that would catch their interest to your business. That’s how you communicate properly – business to customer.

Step 2 – Make Business Communication Your Main Motive

This is probably the easiest way to remember for your business. Always make the business communication your main motive. That’s the secret behind successful marketing your business. If it’s truly coming from a place of giving, your customers will feel it. They also know if the primary reason is for your gain. It is a two-way process; it’s for your business and the goodness of your customers.

Step 3 – It’s Not What You Know but Who You Know

It’s pretty simple. Remember, we’re all in the business to become successful in a positive way. Ask these questions to yourself:

Do I have clients with similar interests? Does one client have a product or service that offers a benefit to another or the other way around? When you do, be sure to arrange for an introduction or share recommendation particularly if you want your business to achieve international acclaims. It’s easy to forget that people we know would benefit from getting to know another person with similar interests or need.

Business communication is between you and your customers. The best business communication is that you and your customers appreciate your business in the most positive view.

Laura Fries, Editor

International Employment – An Introduction  

Hiring employees for employers have long been recognized, nationally or internationally, that when you do new hires, it is a mission critical task particularly if you are new to the industry. As an employer, have you been on this situation before?

Nowadays, firms cannot afford to be dealing with employee problems such as workplace dilemmas, theft, false resumes, employee to employee harassment or physical injuries at work. You can see in the news line that employers can be the subject of lawsuits for cases like negligent hiring whenever they will hire someone that they should have known from the first place. Sometimes, employer can be filed cases for unfit or unqualified reason against their employees.

With this kind of employment these days, employers hire workers across international borders according to recent international employment poll. In addition, an increasing number of workers have spent part of their professional career abroad. Many people tried their luck in applying abroad or applying to work even when it is not in their field. There are number of countries from which employers seek additional information about applicants and it is really expensive to have one.

International Background

Because of the employment increase rate all over the world, it is perceived difficult when it comes to performing international employment screening for some employers you have not attempted to be in focus or to verify international credentials or even perform foreign criminal checks first before hiring the employee. An example of that is employers simply can’t assume that the U.S. government has conducted background checks if the worker was issued a visa. To exercise due diligence in hiring, employers should consider screening internationally for criminal records, employment, education, and publicly available terrorist lists. These exercises should be included in the top priority list of an employer in hiring international employees.

Criminal Records

When you consider hiring employees from different country, always remember that each and every country is completely different when it comes to criminal records and stuffs like this. In some countries, the best course is to have the applicant obtain their own certificate of good conduct from their local police station. Samples of this are letting the applicant include in their papers a copy of their updated police or NBI clearance. Also, in addition to this, the turnaround time for international criminal searches takes longer compared to domestic searches. You can search online on cases against criminal records and the corresponding rules of different searches about it.

Educational Background

An employer needs to determine if an applicant in fact attended the school claimed and received the degree claimed as what he or she has stated in his/her curriculum vitae or resume. For employers, verification of an educational degree especially if they have earned it abroad is critical to be verified. This goes out to all the credentials and to avoid further fraud in the coming days. According to most research and employment statistics, education fraud runs as high as 20% which is a big thing for international employment. Aside from the credentials of the employees, employers should consider the school included in his/her resume if it is familiar or a legitimate school recognized in the country. Mostly, the common ways to know it is to send e-mail to the address provided or give them a call so they can be contacted for verification of the degree the employee has included in the resume. This action is applicable if the applicant is ready for the next part of the employment process.

Foreign Employment

Foreign employment can also be verified by contacting the employer even though they are in a foreign country. When you want to give them a call, also consider the time differences of the country. It is crucial for employers to know the information about the past employer of the applicant as possible for reference purpose. This is the basic part of hiring international applicants for your company.

When you obtain this information for your hiring process, you are definitely on the right track to proceed with the international hiring procedure. Make sure you know the basic first before jumping to the next one. Obtain these basic parts in hiring international employees and search online procedures too for other references.

Shawn Linwood, Training Director