Best ways to filter water in your home

Water filtration has proven to be a thorn in the flesh for most homeowners. Filtration allows for water recycling thus ensuring homeowners save a considerable amount of money. And in a bid to embrace water filtration, most homeowners are spending outrageous amounts of money on water filtration solutions that might not meet their expectations. But did you know that you can filter water at your home without breaking the bank? Here is how to do it.

  • Boiling

Boiling is the easiest way of ensuring that you enjoy germs free drinking water. Boiling eliminates any form of bacteria in the water thus making the water safe for drinking. Additionally, boiling can also be adopted in premises housing many people.

  • Distillation

Just like boiling, distillation involves the process of heating water but the only difference is that in distillation, the water is heated till it evaporates. The vapor is then cooled to form pure drinking water. This process doesn’t require sophisticated equipment and you can modify your own distiller at home.

  • Chemical disinfection

Chemicals also come in handy in purifying water at home with the most popular chemicals been iodine and chlorine. However, it is important to filter and settle the water before conducting chemical disinfection.

  • UV light

UV light treatment is a common home water purification method and it involves the use of a UV lamp to produce the UV light. This light is subjected to