Business Hiring Tips – Reasons Talk to References

When you know you have done a great job in screening applicants, interviewing several potential people to hire, negotiating and even courting your new hire for your company, there are things you need to put in consideration before doing the final part of the hiring process.


Now, you have done background check and verified employment eligibility of the applicants and you thought everything is good to go, right? Well, not so fast. You might have missed an important thing to do before you proceed to the next part. Have you talk to your new hire’s references already? Some employers tend to forget that talking to applicants or new hires’ references on his/her resume is important too. They seem to think that this is an extraneous step that doesn’t provide you with either new or valuable information.

For deeper understanding, when you hire people in both local and international companies, checking references can be a high quality tool that can help you get a good candidate on board with your team. Here are some reasons you need to know so that you will always check references and what are the right questions to ask before you are about to hire that person.

  1. Check and be confident about the decision you made.

For me, as an employer, I like to check my work before proceeding to another one which includes the hiring process. The first thing I would do after considering the applicants for the vacancy is at least call 3 people who are in his or her references and confirm if he or she has high quality background towards working. It helps me feel more confident about my decision and aside from that, I can also gather confirmation of what I am looking for. I always double check my decision and see if I have found the right one fit for the work.

  1. Get to know the work habits of the new hire.

Previously, I have hired someone who collects boy bands posters and put it her cubicle in which I find it messy and disturbing as an employer. Anyway, when you call the past employers of the new hire, you may have know some of the things he or she have done before so that you can be comfortable working with them.

  1. Get the most out of your candidate employee.

You can conduct a personality assessment to get some inside scoop about the employee but for me, I’d like to find it straight from his or her former managers when it comes to dealing with new team and working ethics. Most professional employers will be happy to help and let you know of their experiences with the employee.

  1. Everyone has stuff that they don’t do well. 

If the newly hire employee has some trouble staying focused or won’t even say a word about his or her workloads, as an employer, we need to it so that both of us can be successful and make the work done properly.

  1. If it doesn’t work, you can ask for referrals.

When you only have single open position in your company and you find that the applicants can hardly fit enough for the position, then you can ask referrals from references too. You may have found a new source for future awesome employees through them.

Talking with references has so many benefits particularly if you are an employer. It can lead you to both the success of your candidate and for you personally. Now, best wishes to all the successful employees who are about to get hired soon. Start ringing those references right away!

Shawn Linwood, Training Director

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