Why you should build an office in your own home

Owning your very own home office is every man’s dream. But even though many people wish to have an office in their homes, they just don’t have the means or the will to do it.
You got to admit, working in an outside office is a lot of hassle. First, you need to wake up earlier than your supposed work time. Next, you need to move and prepare fast to be able to arrive at your office on time. Then, you got to commute or drive your way to your office which by the way is terrible if there is heavy traffic.
Not only does working in an outside office require lots of effort, your mornings will always be a hectic mess. Most of the time, you will be at your office until the end of the day. By the time you get home, you will be so tired from working all day and driving in heavy traffic that all you really want to do is sleep.
But as technology advances so does the work habits. More and more companies are now adapting flexible policies and accommodating schedules for their employees. And lots of professionals are now seeking for these types of companies and are in need of a very balanced work-life schedule.
Now, working from home is a very viable option which means you will be closer to your family and you will enjoy the luxury of your home’s comforts. You will be happy and contented in your work thus making you more productive.
But if you’re planning to work from home, a number of things should be taken into consideration:
1. Never mix your work and your personal life

Your work environment greatly affects your performance. If you just work anywhere in your home, chances are you will be getting distracted by your family most of the time. This is not a healthy attitude towards work because your performance will greatly decline.

2. You must secure your very own home office

Building your own home office is a must. A home office must be:

• A place where you can store all your work documents and papers without worrying that someone may tamper with them.

• A place of peace and quiet where you can focus all of your time and effort towards working.

• A place with enough privacy that you never have to fear about being disturbed.

So, where do you think is the perfect place to build your home office? Simple:  In your loft.

3. Have the proper lighting

We often overlook the importance of proper lighting. Do you know how terrible it is to work under a dim light? It doesn’t just hurt your eyes, it makes you sleepy. You’d have to squint at the text in your papers to see them properly. You will lose lots of your valuable time and focus. And when you’re working under a dim bulb, you don’t really notice the inconvenience until you change it to a brighter one.

For people working from home, building your very own office not only helps you get away from the distractions in your own home, it also greatly enhances your productivity.

If you are interested in building an office in your home, Fulham lofts will be pleased to assist you