Choosing Curtains


The curtains dress the room where they are. They completely complete the decoration of a house. Aside from this function, they bring a few more that condition your comfort of life. This criterion being subjective, before choosing your curtain, ask yourself the question: for which function do I need curtains?

Privacy and Ambiance

If your goal is to preserve your privacy or obscured light, opt for light curtains as standard curtains, the son curtains , the curtains or glass for windows. These curtains let the sun flood the room without cutting the heat it brings. The view of the exterior from the inside is preserved.

Light blocking and thermal protection

If you want a curtain that guarantees total opacity, you need a thick curtain. The thick curtains like the blackout curtains offer a complete black in the room that welcomes them. Associated with a thermal lining, the thick curtain also acts as insulation. Its insulating properties allow both an insulation acoustics, light, and heat. On some models, the lining is just attached to the curtain with a scratch, so detachable.

How to choose a door curtain?

Doors or other openings in your home, such as a bay window, are decorated with a door curtain. Whether light or heavy and whatever its material – fabric, bamboo, pearl etc. – its choice depends primarily on its usefulness and the atmosphere you want to create.

The door curtains come in different models but prefer materials easy to maintain for a door large attendance.

PVC strip door curtain

They meet all the requirements of a door curtain in both occultation and aesthetics.

Pearl curtain

For a luminous effect, the pearl curtain highlights your decoration by the presence of its luminous pearls. It is also practical for a large room needing a separation.

Velvet curtain

It is the most used blackout curtain, for its refined style and especially for its ease to appropriate with a curtain. Its other advantage: you do not have to take the model ready to ask whose length does not exceed the 2.60 m, you can make it yourself and make your curtain on a measurement.

Bamboo curtain

Illustrates well the effect seaside through its grounds and has an exotic side that we like, or not!

Mosquito curtain

Less aesthetic but practical to protect you from insects, especially mosquitoes!