Faucets and why they make noise

Faucets are an important aspect of plumbing but when they make noise, it can be horrifying and irritating. The noisy faucets shouldn’t be cause for alarm as there are different reasons why the faucets might be making the annoying noises. Among the reasons why your faucets could be noisy include. 

  • Size of pipes

In order to enjoy a seamless connection, the water should flow freely without facing any hurdles. However, of the pipes are too small, they may not be able to handle the water pressure thus producing the annoying noises. This mostly applies to new homes with issues of small piping. On the other hand, minerals might accumulate in the pipes this reducing the surface area on which water is supposed to flow and this mostly applies to old homes.

  • Faucet

Anything that is lose within your faucet can cause the noisy sounds. In most cases, looks washers are to blame for these noises. To eliminate the noises, you should consider tightening the washer or replacing it. And if the washer doesn’t stop producing the irritating noise, check the washer seat for clogging.

  • Clogged taps/pipes

Each tap or pipe is designed to accommodate a certain amount of pressure. However, of anything interferes with its surface area, the pressure will certainly cause the humming or screeching sound. To deal with such situations, regularly check your taps and pipes for clogging and conduct the necessary maintenance.