International Employment – An Introduction  

Hiring employees for employers have long been recognized, nationally or internationally, that when you do new hires, it is a mission critical task particularly if you are new to the industry. As an employer, have you been on this situation before?

Nowadays, firms cannot afford to be dealing with employee problems such as workplace dilemmas, theft, false resumes, employee to employee harassment or physical injuries at work. You can see in the news line that employers can be the subject of lawsuits for cases like negligent hiring whenever they will hire someone that they should have known from the first place. Sometimes, employer can be filed cases for unfit or unqualified reason against their employees.

With this kind of employment these days, employers hire workers across international borders according to recent international employment poll. In addition, an increasing number of workers have spent part of their professional career abroad. Many people tried their luck in applying abroad or applying to work even when it is not in their field. There are number of countries from which employers seek additional information about applicants and it is really expensive to have one.

International Background

Because of the employment increase rate all over the world, it is perceived difficult when it comes to performing international employment screening for some employers you have not attempted to be in focus or to verify international credentials or even perform foreign criminal checks first before hiring the employee. An example of that is employers simply can’t assume that the U.S. government has conducted background checks if the worker was issued a visa. To exercise due diligence in hiring, employers should consider screening internationally for criminal records, employment, education, and publicly available terrorist lists. These exercises should be included in the top priority list of an employer in hiring international employees.

Criminal Records

When you consider hiring employees from different country, always remember that each and every country is completely different when it comes to criminal records and stuffs like this. In some countries, the best course is to have the applicant obtain their own certificate of good conduct from their local police station. Samples of this are letting the applicant include in their papers a copy of their updated police or NBI clearance. Also, in addition to this, the turnaround time for international criminal searches takes longer compared to domestic searches. You can search online on cases against criminal records and the corresponding rules of different searches about it.

Educational Background

An employer needs to determine if an applicant in fact attended the school claimed and received the degree claimed as what he or she has stated in his/her curriculum vitae or resume. For employers, verification of an educational degree especially if they have earned it abroad is critical to be verified. This goes out to all the credentials and to avoid further fraud in the coming days. According to most research and employment statistics, education fraud runs as high as 20% which is a big thing for international employment. Aside from the credentials of the employees, employers should consider the school included in his/her resume if it is familiar or a legitimate school recognized in the country. Mostly, the common ways to know it is to send e-mail to the address provided or give them a call so they can be contacted for verification of the degree the employee has included in the resume. This action is applicable if the applicant is ready for the next part of the employment process.

Foreign Employment

Foreign employment can also be verified by contacting the employer even though they are in a foreign country. When you want to give them a call, also consider the time differences of the country. It is crucial for employers to know the information about the past employer of the applicant as possible for reference purpose. This is the basic part of hiring international applicants for your company.

When you obtain this information for your hiring process, you are definitely on the right track to proceed with the international hiring procedure. Make sure you know the basic first before jumping to the next one. Obtain these basic parts in hiring international employees and search online procedures too for other references.

Shawn Linwood, Training Director

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