Most Common Plumbing Tools

No good craftsman without good tools. The advice applies even more to the amateur plumber. Here are some of the essential tools according to their usefulness.

Clamping and screwing tools

-adjustable wrenches for tightening the connecting nuts
-ratchet keys for effortless clamping
-set of flat and cruciform screwdrivers
-plumber socket for tightening flexible hoses

Cutting tools

-hacksaw for cutting thin copper pipes
-pipe cutter for cutting PVC pipes, PER, etc.
-deburring apparatus for cutting large diameter nonmetallic tubes of 6 and 42 mm
-cutting pliers for all cuts that do not require very high precision.

Crimping tools

The following tools are essential for tightening rings and nuts used to connect a pipe to a water inlet/outlet:

Tools to measure

-bubble level to check horizontality and verticality
-double folding meter
-bold pencil to mark the location of the holes to be drilled
-test pump which makes it possible to measure in a bar the water tightness of the water installations
-gauge to measure the pressure in a pipe for example.

Tools to uncork

-suction cup
-the pump unblocker when the suction cup proves ineffective
-the ferret to unclog inaccessible plugs

Tools to seal

-silicone putty gun for sealing joints
-teflon tape to seal threaded installations
-Rubber seal to seal connections between pipes and water inlet/outlet