Professional bathroom cleaning after plumbing service

Plumbing issues, which every residential house faces occasionally, can create a dramatic situation or simply be a chronic hassle until you hire professional plumbing service. Whether you literally have a flood in your home due to the damaged pipes or the faucets are leaking or you simply need installation of a new plumbing system of pipes, high – quality plumbing service will handle the task. Unfortunately, after the mission with the plumbers is completed successfully, your bathroom usually screams for deep and meticulous cleaning.

cleaning-groutThere are many quality services providing professional cleaning Dublin and, in this case, you should let them deal with the heavily messed bathroom and all the items within it. In case you opt to clean it yourself, these are the steps that resemble processes most pros apply, but you’ll probably fail to conduct them as good as the experts.

Cleaning of the shower

For truly deep cleaning, you will need some white vinegar and baking soda. To clean head of a shower, fill the plastic bag with white vinegar and leave it for the night. Meanwhile, make a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda, soak microfiber cloth with it and use it to scrub shower door thoroughly. Regular abrasive cleaning product should suffice for cleaning a tub. After all of these tasks, rinse the items first with hot and later with cold water. These procedures will eliminate all the dirt, mildew, scum, even bacteria growing over the shower head.

Cleaning large surfaces

The main areas you will have to clean after plumbing interventions are walls, ceilings and tiles. Let’s assume that you swept all the big portions of dirt and dust and all you need to handle are dirty marks and stains on the walls, tiles and floor. Of course, you are free to use a tough brush and erosive cleaner and spend three days trying to clean thoroughly every inch of these wide surface. Fortunately, there’s a handy trick that works as effectively, but it’s easier and takes less time. Use some generic abrasive cleaner and apply it to these surfaces. Then run the hot water via shower and let the steam fill the bathroom. Close the windows and leave the bathroom for half an hour. Specific mixture of steam and cleaner applied across the walls and tiles will ease the cleaning of sticky layers with a common microfiber cloth.

Cleaning bathroom sink and toilet

When it comes to the toilet, people usually struggle with stubborn grout stains, everything else is easy to clean with common cleaner and toilet brush. Grout can also be wiped away via toilet brush if you soak it with vinegar before scrubbing. White vinegar is suitable for bathroom sink as well, but it is highly recommended to use some product for disinfection while cleaning faucets. Of course, after you are done with plumbing technicians and cleaning of your bathroom, change all the existing towels used by other people, since these are a perfect area for bacteria growth.