Things you Should Not Do When Showering

Getting a shower involves a lot more than just washing your body with water as it is the process that also has its own dos and don’ts. A lot of people take a shower without knowing that there are some things they should be aware of. We all know that we should replace the razor holder for the shower as soon as it becomes loose, but do we know that we should not shower longer than 15 minutes? This article will explain to you some basic things about the showering and what you should avoid doing.

The hot showers

Hot shower is fine as long as the water is not totally hot that you cannot withstand the temperature. The extremely hot shower is bad for your health as the hot water opens your pores, removes the natural oil that skin produces and dries out your body.

Girl taking shower
Girl showering in the shower

This can provoke serious skin problems that might require a dermatologist to treat properly. If you like a hot shower, the water temperature should not be higher than 39 degrees of Celsius, or in the best case, as the same as it the pool. If you do this often, your skin can become problematic and you can cause serious conditions that require medical attention.

Too much showering

If you go to shower more than twice per day, your skin will become dry eventually and neutralize the natural oils that your skin produces.

Whatsoever, a lot of dermatologists think that even taking a shower once per day is not good for your skin. Of course, this is not applied to people who perform a lot of physical work and sweat a lot. If you really like showering once per day, then try to soap only where you really need to.

Avoid chemical ingredients

A good part of the population has problems with the irritating skin, which is caused by the chemicals in shampoos. A lot of showering, especially using the artificial shampoos, can also cause skin cracking which prevents the necessary oils to be produced.

Shower head with water drops falling on a bathroom
Silver shower head on a bathroom with water drops falling on a bathroom textured background

Try using some natural-based shampoos that will not irritate your skin and cause problems. You can get these in pharmacies that sell natural oils and shampoos. These can be a bit more expensive, but if you shower frequently, then try to use these natural gels and shampoos to decrease the possibility for skin irritation.

You use a razor that us too old

If you are a man, you shave every day probably, or at least several times per month. Since razors are considered to be the part of hygiene tools, it is imperative to change the razor after a couple of shavings.

The razor will not be less sharp after two shavings, but rather possibly contaminated with some of the bacteria that could cause folliculitis. It is an inflammation of the hair follicles and it can become really painful to treat. The razor is not that expensive while treating this problem is. Change the razor after five to seven shavings to eliminate the possibility for developing this bacteria.