Tips for choosing a paint color

The living rooms like the kitchen, the dining room or living room very well bear strong colors and bright, to make a decision based on the exposure of your room and the desired atmosphere. Some products, proposed below, is ideal for small surfaces in lack of brightness, of a bright white it offers a space amplifier effect.

The passage rooms as for them, entry, corridors, dressing … allow you more freedom, it is often the spaces in which one really sees the color.

In the bathroom, we will go to soft colors and cool. For an atmosphere conducive to waking up, turn to bright colors. For a more relaxing and zen atmosphere, choose neutral and natural colors.

The soft and soothing hues are to be preferred in the bedroom, your rest area. However, a few touches of color or a single bright or dark wall can give personality to the room without being too aggressive.

Recommended paint types

kitchenA simple rule is to remember when starting painting work indoors. The wet rooms should be painted in satin or in a durable and washable finish. It is also imperative to prepare your support, especially in a bathroom.

In the living room, the dining room or the rooms, the choice is more free, according to the rendering that you wish to obtain and the necessary resistance. You can afford a deep mat in the living room, very aesthetic, or prefer the resistant side with a velvet. Do not hesitate to consult the details of our other projects to find out more.

For your bathroom or kitchen, places more at risk, prefer the lacquer Orizon, which offers resistance to any test on many supports. How to paint the kitchen? Well just make sure to choose your colors carefully.

For your convenience, you can focus on one product in more than one room: Cross paint. In appearance velvet and sufficiently resistant, it allows you to have a single painting, printing, and finishing. It applies to your walls as well as your joinery, wood, and metal. If you want to move towards a healthy product that improves the quality of your indoor air, that will give you satisfaction, especially in children’s rooms.