Top seven plumbing hazards and how to avoid them

Taking a plumbing project on your own is not an easy task and if you aren’t experienced then many things can go wrong. By being aware of common hazards, you can avoid many dangerous situations. We always advise our readers not to start projects they can’t finish. It’s always better to call a plumbing professional who will help you out. But, here are the most common hazards you should pay attention to.


Exposure to chemicals

Performing any type of plumbing project may expose your skin to some substances that can cause injuries or even burns. But, wearing gloves when handling pipes with chemicals can spare your skin and prevent any irritation.


Exposure to molds

Plumbing often involves working in conditions of high humidity, mold, and mildew. Whether you experienced a flood or you are repairing the faucet that has been leaking for too long, you need to wear protective gear. You should buy a mask, gloves, long-sleeved shirt and long pants. Mold can cause severe health problems, such as allergies and respiratory problems, so it’s essential to protect your health when doing any plumbing project.


Different type of injuries

With any work comes the physical danger of hurting yourself. But, using the right tools, you can avoid these injuries. If some project looks too complicated to handle, then it’s best to call a professional. Plumbing also involves working in small and cramped spaces, so it’s possible you can strain yourself. In this case, make sure you are extra careful when bending over. People who aren’t professionals don’t know how to behave and move in these situations, so they often suffer injuries.



Too much noise

Between the banging pipes and the drilling machines, plumbing can be pretty noisy. But, too much noise can be dangerous for your ears and even cause a headache, so it’s good to add earplugs.


Eye injuries

When working with fixtures, you deal with flying particles and chemicals that may cause eye injuries. You should use a pair of industry-grade goggles before tacking that sink to make sure nothing gets into your eye. This type of injury can be hazardous and you need to wear appropriate protective gear.


Slips and falls

Slipping and falling is a common problem of this job. Since you are working in a wet environment, you need to be very careful. Make safety a priority when underrating repairs on your own and never attempt to fix something if you are not trained to. Licensed plumbers have years of experience and the proper training, and they are educated to work in these conditions.


High-temperature injuries

In many locations across the country, extreme conditions can affect the pipes, they can either be too hot or extremely frozen. This increases the chance of several injuries. Having to work outside when it’s extremely hot can cause severe burns, and you need to take further safety precautions. These are just a couple of things you need to consider before you take this job on yourself.